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Aditya Agrawal

CTO @ Dropbox
Board of Directors @ Flipkart
CTO & Co-Founder @ Cove (Acquired by Dropbox)
Director of Product Engineering @ Facebook
MS in CS @ Carnegie Mellon University

Srinath Sridhar

CTO and Co-Founder @ Onera
Founding Engineer @ BloomReach
Software Engineer @ Facebook
Ph.D. in CS at Carnegie Mellon University

Joshua Levy

Head of Infrastructure @ ViV labs (Acquired by Samsung)
Founding team member @ BloomReach
Founding team member @ Cuil
MA in Mathematics @ University of California Berkeley

Tudor Achim

CTO & Co-Founder @
Software Engineer @ Quora
Ph.D. in Machine Learning @ Stanford University (on leave)

Nate Kupp

Technical Infrastructure Manager @ Thumbtack
Technical Lead @ Apple
Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering @ Yale University

Abhay Vardhan

Senior Software Engineer @ Uber ATG
CEO & Co-Founder @ Blippy
Founding Engineer @ BloomReach
Tech Lead of Search Quality @ Google
Ph.D. in CS @ University of Illinois Urbana Champaign

Akanksha Baid

Software Engineer @ Google
Member of Technical Staff @ BloomReach
Ph.D. in CS @ University of Wisconsin

Max Grigorev

Software Engineering Lead @ Airbnb
Software Engineer @ Google
MS in Math and CS @ Belarusian State University

Ramkumar Rajendran

Staff Engineer @ Google
Director of Engineering @ BloomReach
Senior Engineering Manager @ Groupon
Senior Software Engineer @ Microsoft

Pradeep Muthukrishnan

CEO & Co-Founder @ HiDimensional
Principal Engineer @ BloomReach
ACM ICPC World Finalist
Ph.D. in Machine Learning @ University of Michigan

Do Nguyen

Founding Engineer @ Opas AI
Software Engineer @ Operator
Member of Technical Staff @ BloomReach
BS in CS at University of California - Berkeley

Abishek Kumarasubramanian

Lead Architect @ TradeWind Markets
Software Engineer @ Google
ACM ICPC World Finalist
Ph.D. in CS @ UCLA

Thomas Chen

Co-Founder @ Stealth
Software Engineer @ Meet Albert
Software Engineer @ Zenreach
Software Development Engineer II @ Groupon
BS in CS @ University of Illinois Urbana Champaign

Indraneel Mukherjee

CEO & Co-founder @ LiftIgniter
Research Scientist @ Google
Ph.D. in Machine Learning @ Princeton University

Sridhar Iyer

Head of Revenue Platforms @ Twitter
Senior Software Engineering Manager @ Microsoft
MS in CS @ Texas A&M University

Vladimir Novakovski

CEO & Co-Founder @ Elliot Technologies
CTO @ Euclid Analytics
VP of Engineering @ Addepar
Started and led Quora's ML team
2-time ACM ICPC World Finalist
Built and led High Frequency Trading business

Prasanna Sankar

CTO & Co-Founder @ Rippling
Director of Engineering @ Zenefits
CTO & Co-founder @ Circle (YC W11)
2-time ACM ICPC World Finalist

Stefan Krawczyk

Algorithm Platform Lead @ Stitch Fix
Senior Software Engineer @ Nextdoor
Software Engineer & Data Scientist @ Linkedin
MS in CS @ Stanford University

Karim Varela

CTO @ Coffee Meets Bagel
Director of Engineering @ Tinder
President & Co-Founder @ SocialTagg
BS in CS at University of California Santa Barbara

Geeta Chaudhry

Visiting Lecturer @ Stanford
Software Engineer @ Google
Ph.D. in CS @ Dartmouth College

Prem Kumar Pabbisetty

CTO @ BloomReach
Head of Engineering @ (Acquired by AOL)
B.Tech in EE at IIT Madras

Dima Korolev

Head of Machine Learning @ FriendlyData
Principal Engineer @ RealtyShares
Software Engineer @ Google
Ranked in the top 100 on Topcoder

Soham Mehta

Founder @ Interview Kickstart
Director of Engineering @ Box
Staff Engineer @ eBay
MS in CS at University of Southern California

Seth Rogers

Staff Engineer @ Google
Member of Technical Staff @ BloomReach
Senior Machine Learning Engineer @ Research In Motion
Ph.D. in CS from University of Michigan

Arun Ramakrishnan

Founding Engineer @ Rippling
CTO & Co-Founder @ KryptonCloud
Lead Engineer @ Origami Logic
MS in CS @ University of Southern California

Vinoth Chandar

Staff Engineer @ Uber
Staff Engineer @ LinkedIn
Primary Author of Voldemort: A distributed key-value store from LinkedIn
MS in CS @ University of Texas at Austin

Kapil Dalwani

Sr. Machine Learning Engineer @ Apple
Search & Data Science Engineer @ Eventbrite
MS in CS @ Johns Hopkins College

Adam Donovan

Founding Engineer @ Rippling
CTO & Co-Founder @ Trefis
BS in Math & Physics @ Massachussets Institute of Technology


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