Frequently Asked Questions

What is HiDimensional?

HiDimensional is a hiring platform where software engineering candidates are endorsed by industry leaders and experts, and then fast-tracked at top tech startups and companies where the candidate's skills are a match.

How do you get endorsed? What are the endorsements based on?

We match you with a senior engineer with expertise in the roles you are pursuing. The expert will conduct a technical interview personalized to you and designed to extract your strengths, and then will write a detailed evaluation highlighting your strengths and offering a recommendation for the roles that will best match your abilities.

Who are these industry leaders and experts and how do I get matched with one?

The engineering leaders on the platform are senior engineers with deep industry experience and influence. They include folks like the former CTO of Dropbox and the VP of Engineering at Addepar. They have built and led teams at some of the industry's best engineering organizations and have collectively interviewed tens of thousands of engineers.
We use machine learning to match candidates with an appropriate expert, taking into account each candidate's background, experience, and desired roles, as well as the expert's area of specialization.

Why should I try HiDimensional? How does this help me?

Whether you are new in your career or looking to take the next step to Director and VP-level roles, an endorsement helps demonstrate your ability and potential which opens opportunities that are hard to get.
Candidates who have been endorsed through HiDimensional have landed more senior roles than they would have otherwise gotten, including founding engineer opportunities at stealth startups, and transitioned into new specialties.
The detailed evaluations our experts write provide a far more complete picture of the depth and breadth of your skills and the roles in which you would excel than a traditional resume or profile page. As a result of this, hiring managers fast-track endorsed candidates, allowing you to skip some of the most repetitive and time-consuming early steps in each interview process.
Even if you don't receive an endorsement, the interaction provides you an opportunity to get personalized feedback and career advice from somebody highly relevant to your aspirations. That in itself can be valuable in learning how you can improve and get to the next level in your career.

How is this better than an endorsement from somebody I have worked with?

HiDimensional is the most efficient means of getting referred to the best and most relevant opportunities. Endorsements from people you've worked with can be great, but they have some limitations:

  • They are useful if the endorser is actively referring you to job opportunities, but that relies on their awareness of interesting opportunities specifically for you, specifically at that point in time, and then taking the extra steps to introduce you. You are inherently limited in the number of opportunities you will get access to from each endorser.
  • Passive endorsements (e.g., LinkedIn recommendations) lack enough context to be useful to hiring managers. Unless the person who views that recommendation personally knows the recommender, they are not highly trusted
  • Also, it is awkward and difficult to get an active referral from a current manager

HiDimensional makes this process easier and more useful for all parties. Experts don't need to know about and actively introduce you to companies. We aggregate opportunities across all companies so you get matched to a broader range of opportunities that fit your abilities and ambitions. And hiring managers know the context of the endorsement, making it easier to trust in its objective assessment.

What if the interview goes badly?

We do not share negative feedback with anyone. Depending on the strength of the feedback, we ask candidates to come back after 3-4 weeks of more practice. No matter what, you will always get actionable feedback about your strengths and what you need to get better at.

Does it work for senior engineers?

Yes. There is not a standardized interview; instead, our experts tailor the interview to the candidate, and many have experience in hiring for C-level and VP-level engineering roles. Similarly, the panel of experts covers a range of engineering specialties, so they can also effectively evaluate for senior IC / Principal-level roles. As a result, we have successfully helped senior candidates with finding engineering leadership and highly specialized IC roles.

Does it work for non-traditional engineers?

The process works really well for non-traditional engineers or self-taught engineers. Only your skills and your ability to demonstrate it are necessary to get an endorsement.

How much does it cost?

It is free for candidates. Companies pay us because we make their hiring process far more efficient.

What companies are on the platform?

We work with dozens of top-tier companies across different stages (as early as angel-funded, 2-person companies to 1000+ employee companies) and industries. The common thread is that they are all working on interesting technical and product problems and have strong engineering teams. We are regularly adding new companies, but if for whatever reason, you are not interested in the opportunities on the platform, we will work with you to find you ones that are.

Will companies know that I am interviewing on HiDimensional?

Absolutely not. You are in full control of when your information is shared with companies. We will share your information only after you have expressed interest and green-light each company.

What areas of engineering do you cover?

All areas of software engineering and machine learning! Whether you are a mobile engineer, a full-stack/frontend engineer, a dev ops engineer, a machine learning scientist, a data engineer or anything in between, we have experts and opportunities that would match. At this time, however, we only have coverage for software engineering and machine learning positions and would not be very helpful for other roles in tech.

Does it work for international students/ people requiring H1-b?

We are only able to work with candidates who have work authorization in the United States, but this includes:

  • Candidates who already have an H1-b visa, or are from Canada, Mexico, Singapore, Chile, or Australia.
  • Students with a STEM degree on a F-1 visa who have 2 years eligibility under the OPT program.

If you are not a US citizen or permanent resident, or do not qualify under the above, you will need to obtain your own visa.

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